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Welcome to! An un-official fansite for! The fansite is owned by the almighty Spiras, & Logitechh. These amazing people are supported by the amazing site administration team that go by the names of TBA (EU) and TBA (INTL). The site administration team help out the owners on a day-to-day basis completing daily tasks and making sure the fansite is running at its best 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not only does HabboAir have a great administration team, but what would be the point in naming the site HabboAir without a radio right!? At HabboAir we have a radio on 24 hours a day for your entertainment, whether there is a live DJ on air or whether AutoDJ is doing its magical thing and playing hot tunes for you when there is no DJ on air. The HabboAir Radio doesn't just play hits, of course you've got to have some great ol' bangers played as well! I mean, c'mon... What's a radio without a bit of Michael Jackson!?

The HabboAir Forums is one of the many magical places of HabboAir. The forum is where all the discussions go on, ranging from random ol' chit chat, to debates and talking about celebrities. You name it, the forum has it! You can also gain rewards for participating in debates on the forum. As well as that, there is also VIP that you can purchase to give your account more options around the forum such as VIP Forums and ability to have limits upgraded more than a free account.

The forums are run by TBA and their highly trained team of moderators that are all there to make sure ou are safe and have a good time on the forum. After all, the forum is one of the main parts of the fansite. You can sign up to the forum for free today bu clicking . Or maybe if you're feeling generous, why not donate on the forum and help keep HabboAir alive by clicking .